Hali and Terry,
My dad just called me at work and asked me to write to you to tell you how extremely happy he is to have Ms. Winsome working with my mom every day.  He said that she gets along very well with both of them and really tries to engage my mom by reading to her, singing to her, and going the “extra mile” to be present with her.  She has shown such kindness to my mom and dad and she is sincere and devoted to caring for others.  She definitely seems to go above and beyond the call of duty in her effort to care for my mom.  She also fits in well when we have more family around on Saturdays.  My dad is so happy that she is now assigned to them 6 days a week.  (The hospice nurse who came today also commented to my dad about how wonderful Winsome is).
Thank you for sending Winsome to us!
 We were all very impressed with Jessica when we first met her, but as time has gone by we have had opportunity to spend more time with her and get to know her.
I want to make sure you are aware of some of her traits — they are all exemplary!
She is thoughtful — always puts Mother’s needs first;
knowledgeable — she has training, experience and God-given talent; ministering really looks first-natured in her;
caring — repeatedly shows her genuine concern for Mother’s wellbeing;
courteous — in everything she does;
conscientious — always arrives on time and isn’t preoccupied with what time she should be leaving;
loving — she has started calling Mother “Mama”; we all see that as very endearing;
pro-active — when there are chores to do she is not only willing to do them, but does them without being asked;
trustworthy — we trust her with every aspect of Mother’s care. We see her as very qualified and  level-headed;
genuine — over the weeks that she has been helping us, we have learned a little about who she is. There is nothing we would change about how she helps, what she says, or what she does.
Mother has been preoccupied with cleanliness and Jessica respects that and does whatever she can to ease Mother’s concerns.
As we have talked before, she is truly an asset to Angel Heart. I want you to know some of our thoughts. We really appreciate having her with Mother. We feel very blessed both having Angel Heart Homecare on our side and having Jessica as our care giver.
Thank you both to you, Jennifer and others that may make your service exemplary.
Thank you for your message the other day.  I appreciate your kind words about my mom.  Thank you for working with me to get care set up for her and for helping us along the way.   We really feel so grateful to have had Ms. Winsome assigned to us.  My dad thinks that God had a hand in that – as she showed so much kindness and care and love toward my mom and our family.   Ms. Winsome always went the extra mile and went above and beyond the call of duty every day.  She never failed to greet my mom with a hug and a smile.  She read to her from books and the newspaper, sang to her, and talked to her (even when my mom could no longer respond to anything) about the TV shows, movies, and other things going on.  She prayed for her and sang songs softly while my mom slept.  She never left in the afternoon without saying, “Ms. Jean, I will pray for you tonight and I will see you again in the morning, God-willing.”  She embraced my sons as if she was their grandmother and indulged their silly songs and crayon-drawn pictures for her.  My sister and I so enjoyed getting to know Winsome and spending hours with her on the weekends.  Most of all, Ms. Winsome was a loving helper to my dad.  She talked to him and cared for him just as much as she did for my mom.  She was such a kind, loving, caring presence in my parents’ house and we all miss her deeply already.  My sons asked whether they will get to watch movies with Ms. Winsome this weekend.  Even after my mom passed away, Ms. Winsome has called to check in on my Dad and Jo (the dog).   She is such a special person and the care she provided was so tender and caring and loving.  She treated my mom with the highest respect and allowed her to retain some dignity during what was otherwise a terrible time.  She never did anything to my mom without softly first explaining to my mom (who may not have even been able to understand) what she was about to do.  The hospice nurse told us, on several occasions, that she has rarely seen a caregiver as caring and helpful and knowledgeable and interested how to better care for a sick person as is Winsome.  We cannot say enough good things about Winsome and about what a wonderful person she is.  Even though she was with us only for a few months, she became such a part of our family and of our hearts.  You really have a special person in Ms. Winsome.   Thank you again for sending her to us and for helping everything to run smoothly with insurance and care.

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